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In 2004,we established the B2B website “China-Asean free trade website” in the support of China-Asean chamber of commerce and govermaents,which make millions of users to benefit from getting inquiry of forgein trader quckily after theypublish the information of supply,procurement,agency,processing on China-Asean trade website..At present,the user of our website hit 0.38 billion mark.

In 1 january,2010,the zero tariff was implemented over all in CAFTA From January to june,The bilateral trade volume amounted to13.65 billionU.S dollars and increased by 55% compared with the same period of last year,among which the import from Asean is 7.19 billion dollars and the export to Asean is 6.46 billion dollars increasing by 64% and 45% compared with last year.The increasing range of Chinese import from Asean is much more than the increase range of Chinese export to Asean,which make Chinese trade deficit to be up to 7.3 billion dollars.And the same time,Chinese non-fincial direct investment in Asean was up to 1.22 billion dollars and increased by 125.7% compared with the same period of last year..

In this case,we want to seek for the agent and hope that we not only bring benfit to Chinese enterprises but also give chance of success to our agent.

Agent Qualification
1. The enterprises and public institution having corporate capacity
2. The enterprises have stable workplace and necessary office equipments.
3. The enterprises, working in medium agency, advertisement, or internet and info service, have preferential right

Agency Level : the Primary,the Secondary,and the Third

Working Range
1. Working areas for agencies must be in city, province authorized by China—Asean Free
2. Working range for agencies must not exceed the region authorized and negotiated by China—Asean Free
3. Difference between the Primary agents and the Secondary or Third agents: The Primary Agents have the privileges to expand the Secondary and Third agents.
4. When the agents meet the sales index on this year,agents can be continued to get the china-Asean free trade website attorneyship on next year. Every one wanting to continue the authority must be authorized by us again.

Application Procedure
1. The company intending to apply for agent is required to submit Business Certificate, Organization Code Certificate, Attorney’s ID card, original and copied card of the persons in charge, and brief introduction of the company and member’s plan for development to China—Asean Free for inspection.
2 .After being inspected and confirmed agents’ qualification by China—Asean Free, the agents can sign the agent contract and pay the regional commission according to the Agency Level. The authorized agent entrusted paper will be provided by China—Asean Free

Job Requirement
1.Membership’s Development
1.In principal, agents work in the workplace setted up by China—Asean Free in various areas.
2.the Main Job for Agents: contact with customers, members’ contracts subscription, making the document and graphic file,collecting fee; documents upload and clients’ service.

The fee charged by China—Asean Free is according to national uniform standard. And clients’ fee for membership is totally charged by Agents. After strucking off your commission, agents are required to transfer the other income to headquarter bank account in order that we can develop service for enterprise asap. address

Click to download the agent application form

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