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China exhibition
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2013-09-15, Closing: 2013-09-17
address of Exhibiting venue:SECEC
exhibitor profile:? Meat: Frozen / chilled meat, cut meat, smoked meat, meatloaf, meatballs, etc.;   ? Seafood: Frozen / chilled aquatic products, fish / seafood, deep processed products, etc.; ? Poultry: Frozen poultry, cut poultry, poultry products, semi-finished products, etc.   ? Fruits & vegetables: Frozen, quick-frozen, and dehydrated vegetables, prepared vegetable foods, deep processed products, etc.; ? Rice & wheat products: Chinese tangyuan, jiaozi, spring rolls, matuan, cakes, pastries, etc.;   ? Raw & auxiliary materials: Catering raw materials, ingredients, spices, condiments, etc.;   ? Related equipments: Food processing equipment, frozen / fresh equipment, packaging equipment, packaging materials, logistics, etc.
On the basis of successful previous editions and for progress and innovation, "The 4th Shanghai I...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2012-05-03, Closing: 2012-05-05
address of Exhibiting venue:INTEX in Shanghai, China
exhibitor profile:Airline food raw materials, food, beverage, wine, dried fruit, food holding and packing apparatus, food processing equipment, in-flight supplies, clean appliance; Food production of catering, aviation food and ground food; Aviation service products, etc.
In order to promote the airline food market development,push forward airline food enterprise, sup...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2012-04-09, Closing: 2012-04-12
address of Exhibiting venue:Shanghai New Internatinal Expo Center
exhibitor profile:Architecture design, Doors, Windows, Fa?ade, Sunshade, Roofing, Ceiling, Flooring, Wall Coverings, Partition, Glass, Heating Ventilating System, Solar System, Green Building and green building material, Building intelligence & automation, Coating, Glaze and pigment, Kitchen fixtures and accessories, Other Interior Furnishing
Expo Build China is the only comprehensive building show in China that showcases premium and inno...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2012-05-09, Closing: 2012-05-11
address of Exhibiting venue:Shanghai New Internatinal Expo Center
exhibitor profile:01 Dairy products and eggs 02 Fresh meat and offal 03 fresh poultry 04 oil 05. Condiment 06 marinated meat 07 fresh and semi-preserved fish and seafood, shellfish products 08 fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruit 09 candy, snacks and bread 10 grocery food (food category) 11 fresh and semi-finished products, instant food 12 canned food and other preserved foods 13 frozen food 14 diet foods, baby food and health products 15 high-end food 16 Organic Food 17 Jewish Food 18. Halal food 19 Food Additives 20. Coffee and Tea 21 Wine and Spirits 22 alcoholic beverages 23 non-alcoholic beverages 24 coffee and tea related equipment 25 catering equipment and services 26 professional services and media 27 government promotion agencies, associations 28 Technology & Internet
In 2012, the 13th Edition of SIAL China will be back in May 9-11 in Shanghai New International Ex...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2012-08-15, Closing: 2012-08-17
address of Exhibiting venue:Shanghai New Internatinal Expo Center
exhibitor profile:1 Outer heat preservation in wall 2 Inter heat preservation in wall 3 Integration wall of decoration and preservation 4 New construction fireproof materials 5 Construction extensions 6 Roof greening 7 Energy-saving materials mechinery 8 The related materials: structure materials, integrated structure, energy-saving windows & doors, sun-proof system, roofing system, solar energy, electricity-saving equipment, water-saving technology & equipment
The exhibition is the first authorized construction material exhibition with UFI in China. There ...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2012-03-29, Closing: 2012-03-31
address of Exhibiting venue:Guangzhou Ploy World Trade Center
exhibitor profile:1. Vacuum obtain equipment: rotary vane vacuum pump, ODP, oil diffusion pump, Rootes vacuum pumps, oil booster pump, slide-valve vacuum pump, water-ring pump, cryo pump, sputtering molecular pump, turbo molecular pump (TMP), sieve sorption pump, titanium sublimation pump, etc. 2. Vacuum application equipment: all kinds of vacuum metallurgical equipment and heat treatment equipment, vacuum freeze-drying equipment, vacuum packaging equipment, etc. 3. Vacuum coating equipment: a variety of targets, target materials, consumable materials and power supply. 4. Nano-technology and equipment, nano-materials, nano devices. 5. Vacuum valves and vacuum components: including various kinds of vacuum electronic components, vacuum systems attachment, dynamic and static sealing devices, etc. 6. Vacuum measurement and calibration instruments, gauges and vacuum leak detector device. 7. Vacuum materials, vacuum pump oil and vacuum engineering equipment. 8. A variety of surface equipment(AES / SEM / XPS / SIMS etc.)and molecular beam epitaxy equipment (MBE).
The exhibition is expected to attract policymakers and professionals from China, Japan, Korea, Ta...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2012-06-04, Closing: 2012-06-07
address of Exhibiting venue:New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing
exhibitor profile:Equipment, machines and systems for welding, thermal cutting, soldering, brazing, thermal spraying, adhesive bonding, destructive and non-destructive testing,etc. Materials, installations, CNC systems, CAD/CAM systems, process control systems and monitoring installations, data banks and expert systems, as well as occupational health and safety, etc.
Beyond the exhibits displayed by the over 900 exhibitors, the show also features a broad spectrum...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2012-04-09, Closing: 2012-04-11
address of Exhibiting venue:
exhibitor profile:A: Nutrition and health food area:Life nourishment products, bee products, nutrients, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, enriched food, dietary supplement, vitamins and minerals, invigorant, enriched food, prebiotics and probiotics, dairy products, carbohydrate drinks and nutritious liquor; B:Healthcare product area:Functional products, green food, organic food, natural products, immunity enhancing products, anti-aging products, anti-cancer products, liver protection kidney care products, halobios biological products, healthcare clothes, healthcare underwears, healthcare pillows, slimming, toxicant cleaning products, individual care products,antisepsis series products, procreation healthcare products, woman-child products, fitness products, sex care products, healthcare products, healthcare treatment products, life nourishment, foot care, SPA, sports&amusement, healthcare devices. C:Healthcare drinks area:Healthcare drinks, healthcare juice,healthcare tea, healthcare liquor, functional water, coffee drinks and the relevant drinks; D:Hairdressing&body beautification product area:Functional cosmetics, skin care cosmetics, natural cosmetics, herbal cosmetics, body shaping underwear, foot bath, foot treatment medical products, laser instruments, body beautifying instruments, hairdressing and body beautifying products, medical cosmetic scientific research institutions, hairdressing chains institutions. E:Natural medicine area:Chinese herbs,Chinese herbs (ginseng/ hairy antlers/Chinese caterpillar fungus), Chinese traditional medicine tea, national characteristic medicine, traditional herbs, ingredients and extracts. F: Medicine ingredient area:Newest& special medicine, prescription medicine, OTC medicine, nostrum, biological medicine, Chinese traditional medicine tea, plant extracts, national medicine, ingredients, medicament materials, natural materials, health materials, medical ingredients. G:Hi-tech and soft-tech area: Medical newest technology, new achievements, institutions of design for medical products and development, medical health media.
China (Shanghai) International Nutrition& Health Industry Expo is the most authoritative in food ...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2012-05-10, Closing: 2012-05-12
address of Exhibiting venue:Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
exhibitor profile:As an annual event China International Exhibition for Copper Industry (CuChina) is co-sponsored by China Nonferrous Metals Fabrication Industry Association, China Machinery Industry Federation and Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. It has been successfully held for five times and become the largest and the most influential copper show. The event is specialized in copper metallurgy, material & fabrication, and integrates exhibition, seminars, forums and special activities. Exhibit Profile ☆ Copper ore, cathode copper ☆ Copper & Copper alloy processing products (tube/pipe, plate/sheet, foil, rod, bar, strip and wire, etc.) ☆ New section copper materials and products applied to Hi- tech industry,IT,electron,aerospace,auto,household appliance, construction material,electric power,etc. ☆ Mining equipment and metallurgical equipment. ☆ Copper & Copper alloy processing equipments as follows, 1) Smelting equipment and casting & die-casting equipment 2) Heating & heat-treating equipment 3) Rolling equipment 4) Extrusion & drawing equipment 5) Surface treatment equipment,straightening equipment,finishing & shearing equipment 6) Automatic control system and equipments, inspection equipments, analytical instruments,packaging equipment, plant equipment 7) New process and new technology used for Copper & Copper alloy processing 8) Reclamation technologies and equipments of wasted copper, environmental protection technology and equipments during copper production ☆ Auxiliary materials for copper production, including chemicals, flux,refractory, intermediate alloy additive,gas,water, lubricant,etc. ☆ Copper valves, pipes, fittings, sanitary ware and other bronze hardware products ☆ Copper industrial park, training and standards service organizations.
As the Largest Copper Event in Asia, China International Exhibition for Copper Industry (CuChina)...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2012-05-15, Closing: 2012-05-17
address of Exhibiting venue:Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center
exhibitor profile:new material, product, manufacturing equipment, technique, design, chemical engineering and raw material, passive safety system, car body and electronic system about automotive interiors and exteriors. ■ Automobile interiors:Material for interiors: leather, textile, non-woven, linen, flock, non-textile material, sound-proof/heat-insulated/vibration-damp and fire-retarded material; adhesive, tapecushion and seal product, fixation product; rubber material and product, engineering plastic, modified plastics; Polyurethane, resinfoamglass reinforced plasticsfiber composite material, macromolecular material etc. Interior system: instrument assembly, seating system, door interior systemsafety system, information indication system, interior cover part (door interiors, ceiling interiors, post interiors, side wall, and front/back wall interiors), car-indoor lighting system, indoor acoustic system, interior accessory, automotive carpet (pedal cushion), sun visor and decorative product, hub cover, decoration strip, decoration cover, roof board, side wall and surface covering, curtain and carpet, relevant automotive interior design and solutions. ■ Automobile exteriors: bumper, automotive film, car light, hub cover, top cover, wheel fender, outer boardface guard decoration board, engine cover, rearview mirror, rain wiper, adhesive tape, body decoration and so forth. ■ Interior and exterior material and chemical product: plastic, polyurethane, elastomer, oil ink, paint, resin, glue, colorant, particle and auxiliaries etc. ■ Interior or exterior manufacturing technique and equipment: mold, interior soft material cutoff and shear equipment, appearance and color product technology (i.e. interior mold decoration (IMD)); grain manufacturing technique, relevant plastic injection, slush molding, cover absorption, extrusion, compression molding hot extrusion, skin cover, painting, galvanization, welding and relevant equipment and test instrument. ■ Automobile body and passive safety part: Car, passenger car, truck, special car and its shell, cover part, door, window, dormer, seating, lamp and rearview mirror; Sound-proof, heat-insulated, vibration-damping, anticorrosive and sealing and relevant material and coating used in car shell; lock, hinge, glass riser, seal part, wiper and scrubber; Car is set with auxiliary communication, car-carrier electrical equipment; car body refitting service technique, appliance, equipment and supplies; 4) Car-carrier air conditioner, special car box, car axles; 5) Safety glass, life belt, air bag and passive safety system; 6) Car body new technique, new technology, patent product, automobile refit product and technology etc.; 7) Special equipment and system for car body and part/component production/manufacturing industry: car-body design and production auxiliary system, material, test, inspection and measurement etc.; 8) Research and manufacturing for suspension system ■ Others: interior concept and design, relevant product and service for interiors or exteriors.
2012’ China (Shanghai) Automobile Interiors, Exteriors and Advanced Materials Exhibition and Symp...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2011-03-28, Closing: 2011-03-30
address of Exhibiting venue:Intex Shanghai
exhibitor profile:◆Adhesive tape: adhesive tape products of films, paper, fabric, foil, foam and other materials, including industrial tape, optical tape, electrical / electrician tape, electronic tape, printing tape, packing tape, and other adhesive tape products, as well as diecutting product. ◆ Protective film: PE, PVC film, BOPP, LDPE protective film, including optical protective film, surface protective film, LCD protective film, cell phone protective film, automobile protective film, wrap film,tensile enwinding film, and other types of protection films. ◆Optical Film: polarizing film, reflecting film, diffusion film, prism film, brightness enhancement film, ITO, conducting film, Compensation Film, optical protective film, PET/PE film(optical), release liner/paper and other optical film (solar optical film, insulation film, holographic film, thermal film, EM film, heat transfer film, lapping film, etc ◆Manufacturing equipment and instruments:all kinds of adhesive tapes and optical films manufacture process relevant equipments for loading, coating, drying, rolling, laminating, rewinding, slitting, die cutting, packing, including analysis/measuring/testing instrument, cleansing protective system and related control system. ◆Raw material and chemical products: kinds of adhesive tapes, raw material and chemical products, including bonding adhesive, parting agent, resin,silica gel, glue, solvent, wax, hot-melt adhesive, accessory agent, printing ink,sorts of auxiliary materials.
APFE2011 will be held on the basis of five exhibitions success. The exhibition area will reach 15...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2011-04-15, Closing: 2011-04-19
address of Exhibiting venue:China Foreign Trade Centre .
exhibitor profile:Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances Lighting Equipment Vehicles & Spare Parts Machinery Hardware & Tools Building Materials Chemical Products International Pavilion
China Import and Export Fair is also renowned as the Canton Fair. It is held biannually in Guangz...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2011-05-01, Closing: 2011-05-05
address of Exhibiting venue:China Foreign Trade Centre
exhibitor profile:Textiles & Garments Shoes Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, and Recreation Products Medicines, Medical Devices and Health Products Food & Native Produce International Pavilion
China Import and Export Fair is also renowned as the Canton Fair. It is held biannually in Guangz...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2011-06-06, Closing: 2011-06-10
address of Exhibiting venue:Kunming International Exhibition Center
exhibitor profile:Machine tools, automobiles, motorcycles and related products, electrical appliances, hardware tools, power equipment, industrial automation equipment, instrumentation, construction and engineering machinery, food processing, packaging machinery, bicycles, woodworking machinery, plastic processing machinery, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, printing machinery, advertising equipment, garden machinery, hotel cleaning equipment, supplies, machinery and other solar equipment and environmental protection etc.
China Kunming Import and Export Commodities Fair (Kunming Fair) is Co-sponsored by Ministry of Co...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2011-09-02, Closing: 2011-09-06
address of Exhibiting venue:Changchun International Conference & Exhibition Center
exhibitor profile:Auto and Spare Parts High-Tech(Electronics) Tourism Food Stuff(Farm Produce and its by-products) Transportation Machinery and Electronics Finance Business and Other Service Industries
China Jilin · Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo is a comprehensive international and regio...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2011-09-26, Closing: 2011-09-30
address of Exhibiting venue:Yinchuan International Exhibition Centre
exhibitor profile:Halal food and Muslim products; agricultural and sideline products; electronics, electrical appliances; textiles, leather products, etc.
2011 China (Ningxia) International Investment and Trade Fair(Ningxia Fair) is Co-sponsored by Min...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2011-10-22, Closing: 2011-10-26
address of Exhibiting venue:Chengdu New International Exhibition Center
exhibitor profile:Furniture, household, footwear, building materials, hardware, electronics, tea, medicines, etc.
Western China International Fair (Chengdu Fair) is a shared and win-win international fair, which...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2011-10-15, Closing: 2011-10-19
address of Exhibiting venue:China Foreign Trade Centre
exhibitor profile:Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances Lighting Equipment Vehicles & Spare Parts Machinery Hardware & Tools Building Materials Chemical Products International Pavilion
China Import and Export Fair is also renowned as the Canton Fair. It is held biannually in Guangz...
exhibiting time:inaugurate: 2011-10-31, Closing: 2011-11-04
address of Exhibiting venue:China Foreign Trade Centre
exhibitor profile:Textiles & Garments Shoes Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, and Recreation Products Medicines, Medical Devices and Health Products Food & Native Produce International Pavilion
China Import and Export Fair is also renowned as the Canton Fair. It is held biannually in Guangz...
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