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Enter one of three biggest free trade areas -- China-Asean free trade area
● Establishing a big market for about 1.9 billion people
● Enjoy the zero tariff of 11 countries
● Sharing the total volume of trade -- 4600 billion dollar
● Re-export to the whole world via free trade area

Free trade area owns 1.9 billion people -- a big market
Attracting merchants of more than 80 countries to attend fairs and purchase.Fairs become the second biggest platform for enterprises to enter China-Asean market, even enter the whole world market

Asean investing China:
103.7 billion dollar 30963 projects
China investing Asean: 8.1 billion dollar
August 2009, China signs Investment Agreement with 10 Asean countries in China-Asean free trade area, which means that a new investment upsurge comes.
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