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China Supply SH-3/12 Deck Oven

Product Name: China Supply SH-3/12 Deck Oven
Brand: HOMAR
Production Place: China
Price: $3550.00
Publish Date: 2013-12-04
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Instruction The front material is made of superior stainless steel, other three sides are made of painted steel, heating by electric wire, even baking color, no need to change trays. There are truckles in the bottom, easy to move, many different models to meet customers’ demand. Machine boards are thick, low failure, long service life. Machine Character 1.Different tray size for choosing. 2.Even baking color. 3.Steel board and stone board for choosing. 4.Could choose to install steam producer or not. 5.High effect of energy conservation, good effect of keeping warm. 6.Micro-computer and digital controller for choosing, operate precisely.

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