• >> Participation in the exhibition: the three major advantages to expand the Asean marketing
  • ★ It is general for three days that enterprise participate in an exhibition..but we help companies to exploit the oversea market from all around of three levels:
    1.Association of Southeast Asian Nations Expo:Through the exhibition, we provide enterprisers with a platform by which you can trade with buyers of round the world;
    2. ASEAN Chamber of Commerce:Through the chammber of commerce,we provide enterprisers with the platform by which you can communicate with the trade organization and recommend your products to oversea buyers.Finally,your products enter the Asean market. directly.
    3.?Friendly association of industry and commerce:Through the friendly association of industry and commerce,we provide enterprisers with platform by which not only you can look for and communicate with the oversea agent,but also promote cooperation between two countries institutions.
  • >> Application Procedures
  • 1. Being to accept applications from this very day,Please fax the “application confirmation of exhibition” to the arganizer for confirming the number of exhibitors
    2.Valid application qualification:After application,the applicant must send the journey fee to the account of organizer in three days.The other moneies msut be paid off one month at the being of exhibition
Choose exhibition submit application confirmation booth sign the contract remittance transfer completefwill exhibition
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