• >> Organizing groups to visit: The three major advantages to investigate the overses market.
  • ● general business study visit to a country just to visit, and we help companies from the three levels of all-round expansion of overseas markets:
    1. Association of Southeast Asian Nations Expo: Get idea of the needs of every countries buyers and the development of person in the same occuption;
    2.ASEAN Chamber of Commerce: Through the product popularization and communication with trade organization,enterprises can enter into the local marke in this country. quickly;
    3. .Friendly association of industry and commerce: Through the friendly association of industry and commerce,Not only enterprises can look for and cooperate with oversea agents,but also promote cooperation between two countries institutions
  • >> Application Procedures
  • 1. Immediately begin registration, please visit units of the "Exhibitor Registration Receipt" fax to the organizers to confirm the number of visits.
    2. Effective Application provides: fee required to leave the country within three days after application remitted organizers accounts, shall be effective to apply the balance in paid 1 month before commencement.
Choose exhibition submit application population confirmation sign the contract remittance transfer complete fwill exhibition