• >>Hand out enterprises CD on exhibition:Making 1000 enterprise CD ,Through your enterprise CD is distributed on Asean exhibition,you still can get commercial opportunity from Asean exhibition even if don’t attend the exhibition.
  • ★Generally enterprises do some promotion only in the exhibition,but we help companies to exploit the Asean market from all around of three levels
    Enterprise CD:The CD"Chinese Foreign Trade Directory"cosisit of the enterpeise products introduction,company profile,the information of seeking for agent and undertaking processing..And the same time oversea buyers can log on the enterprise website to make inquiry and purchase the products by our CD hyperlink technology.
    1.Association of Southeast Asian Nations Expo: Through the CD and China - ASEAN free trade network broadcast and presentation, Oversea buyers can connect with domestic enterprises to purchase products on the scene
    2.Association of Southeast Asian Nations Chamber of Commerce: Through the Asean chamber deliver the CD "Chinese Foreign Trade Directory" to the counterpart associations and enterprises,you can enter into the Asean market to start business quickly
    3. 3. Asean Enterprise: Through the fraternal twining with forgein enterprises , promotion and distribution of CD, enterprises can enter into the Asean market with the help of chamber of commerce,enterprises and exhibition.
    Application for the enterprise rank on CD:Show your company strengths and Increase opportunites for cooperation.( Now we present every clients a CD of "Chinese Foreign Trade Directory").
    If you want to know the detail of enterprise CD,please consult the column of the China-Asean exhibition.
  • >> Application Procedures
  • 1.Being to accept applications from this very day,Please fax the”application confirmation of promotion”to the organizer
    2. Valid application qualification:After application,the applicant must send the fee of CD producing to the account of organizer in three days.The deadline of application is the one month at the being of exhibition.
Choose exhibition submit application information confirmation sign the contract remittance transfer Complete
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